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Documentation Automation (AI Notetaker) Pricing
Documentation Automation (AI Notetaker) Pricing

How much does AI Notetaker cost? Details here!

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In this article, we'll review pricing for Documentation Automation.


We offer three types of Documentation Automation Plans.

  1. Starter: This is our Free Tier, where you get 5 free AI-generated notes per month. By default, when you sign up for Blueprint, you'll be on our Starter plan, no credit card required.

  2. Pay-As-You-Go: When you need more than 5 free AI-generated notes per month, this is a great place to start. Paid plans start at $29/month and get you 30 AI-generated notes per month. Plans scale up from there as you need more notes, which are outlined in detail in the section below.

  3. Enterprise: If you're looking to lock in volume discounts, this is the plan type for you.This plan requires a 12-month contract and our sales team will work with you to identify the right package for your organization's needs.

Plan Type: Pay As You Go

Pay-As-You-Go plans start at $29/month for 30 AI-generated notes per month and scale up from there as you need more notes.

These plans auto-upgrade to the next pricing tier if you reach your limit to avoid disruptions. All notes are prepaid and do not roll over. Notes can be used by any user within your organization on Blueprint.

Notes per month

Cost per month

















For every additional 100 notes

An additional $99

Plan Type: Enterprise

Enterprise plans require a 12 month contractual commitment. In exchange for this commitment, we offer volume discounts that increase as volume increases.

In other words, the more volume you commit to upfront, the greater the discount.

Contact us to learn more about our enterprise packages today!

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